Intellisteel is a structural design, engineering firm and manufacturer of cold-formed steel structures. Steel framing offers numerous benefits that make it an excellent choice for construction projects.

Check out the video below to hear the benefits of Intellisteel & a peek inside the process!

Intellisteel provides an added advantage by engineering and precutting the steel frames for plumbing, electrical, and other trades. This precision eliminates the need for additional cutting or modifications on-site, resulting in significant cost savings. By streamlining the construction process, Ken Jack Builders can deliver projects more efficiently.

The close collaboration between Ken Jack Builders and Intellisteel allows for a seamless experience. Working one-on-one with Intellisteel directly ensures clear communication and a deep understanding of the project requirements. This collaboration enables Ken Jack Builders to construct any type of residential or commercial building using steel framing, from single-family homes to large-scale commercial structure

The benefits of using steel framing, such as the quick turnaround time, cost savings through engineering precuts, and the direct collaboration with Intellisteel, make it an ideal choice for Ken Jack Builders. With their expertise and the advantages of steel framing, they can efficiently and effectively deliver high-quality construction projects to their clients.