Ken Haim Jack’s Story

Pursuing the American Dream

Ken Haim Jack, who has made a career of investing in and developing businesses and real estate, contributes much of his success to his upbringing and life experiences.

Born on July 3rd, 1980, in Netanya, Israel, Ken Jack was raised in a small, two-bedroom apartment with his brother and sister. Incredibly, Jack’s father worked for the Israeli military as a Nazi hunter in the 60s and 70s, and his mother was a survivor of the Holocaust. Much of his parents’ experiences influenced Ken Jack’s upbringing and character, giving him the ambition to reach higher and accomplish incredible feats.

In 1997, after Ken Jack turned 17, his father sadly passed away due to complications with cancer. It was also then that Jack began a term serving in the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) himself. It wasn’t until 2004 when Ken Jack arrived in the states and began pursuing his “American Dream.”

In 2016, after almost a decade of hard work and several successful business ventures, Ken Jack used the wealth he had accrued and several business loans to invest in popular restaurants around Peoria, IL. With his business acumen and entrepreneurial spirit, Ken Jack helped open several popular and upscale restaurants, including NOVU Sushi, Vero Italiano, and Tavern on Prospect.

Our Company's Beginning

Our Company's Beginning

  1. From Property Flipping to Luxury Home Construction

Coming off his success in the Midwest, Ken Jack looked to continue his entrepreneurial endeavors in the Sunshine State. Ken Jack began by investing in properties around the Greater Tampa area, flipping homes, tearing down old houses, and developing new townhouses and single-family homes. However, as with every venture Ken Jack undertakes, he was striving for bigger. Within a few years, Ken Jack went from flipping property to developing multi-million dollar luxury homes!

Now, Ken Jack Builders works to bring the largest, most extravagant, completely Kosher luxury homes to the Florida real estate market. Additionally, Ken Jack has worked with Sparta, a Hebrew contracting company headquartered in Israel, since 2016. Sparta is well known for contracting work throughout Israel and has helped construct exceptional Kosher homes in the Tampa Bay area. Check out our projects to see the incredible beauty and glamor of Ken Jack’s luxury homes.

Our Commitment to Kosher Luxury Homes

At Ken Jack Builders, we strive to bring your dream home to life and ensure construction implements amenities that create a Kosher environment for those practicing the Jewish faith. Each property we build features kitchens equipped with double sinks, freezers, ovens, and food storage to ensure the separation of meat and dairy products.

Of Jewish upbringing himself, Ken Jack partners with local Hebrew contractors like Sparta to ensure all guidelines and requirements are met for developing completely Kosher luxury homes. After construction is complete, we have a locally ordained rabbi inspect your new home and confirm it meets all standards set by Kosher construction.